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Mar 14 2013

Pujya Swamiji and Vivek Oberoi Cleaning the Banks of the Sangam

On the 25th February, film star Vivek Oberoi and his family were led by Pujya Swamiji, founder of Ganga Action Parivar and President of Parmarth Niketan, in a Kumbh Sangam Snan. Before the bath however, following the words and example of Pujya Swamiji, they all "gave a bath to Sangam before taking a bath in Sangam", moving along the banks of the Sangam picking up discarded plastic, polythene and other trash....

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Feb 14 2013

Make Ganga Your Green Valentine Everyday

As people around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day this week with gifts of chocolate and roses, as symbols of their love and devotion, it is the perfect time to renew our commitment to our Mother Ganga. Children all over the world will make Valentine’s Day cards for their mothers. Here in India, every day, not only February 14, should be an opportunity to show love and devotion to our Mother Ganga. Standing on the banks of the Ganga at this year’s Kumbh Mela, my heart is filled with gratitude to a...

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Feb 14 2013

Make Ganga Your Green Valentine Rally in Kumbh Mela

On Valentine's Day, Ganga Action Parivar organized a rally to make Mother Ganga our "green" Valentine, not only on Valentine's Day itself but everyday! People from over 45 countries at the Sangam ghat to sing and dance in celebration of their love for Mother Ganga, and to stress the importance of protecting and preserving her waters....

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Feb 10 2013

“Worshiping At Kumbh Mela”, New York Times

The Hindu festival of Kumbh Mela is one of the largest religious gatherings in the world. At the center of it is the sadhu, a holy man who is smeared in ashes and sometimes naked. [no_button size="" style="" text="Click here to watch online!" icon_pack="font_awesome" fa_icon="" icon_position="right" icon_color="" icon_background_color="" icon_background_hover_color="" link="http://www.nytimes.com/video/world/100000002055648/worshipping-at-kumbh-mela.html" target="_blank" color="#ffffff" hover_color="#ffffff" background_color="#89743b" hover_background_color="#89743b" border_color="" hover_border_color="" border_width="" font_size="" font_style="normal" font_weight="" margin="" padding="10px" border_radius=""]...

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Feb 04 2013

Pujya Swamiji and Imam Umer Illiasiji send a message of sangam from Kumbha Mela

Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji, founder of Ganga Action Parivar and President of Parmarth Niketan Ashram, Rishikesh presented special tree saplings to Imam Umer Ahmed Iliasiji, the President of All India Imams Association. The saplings were neem, rudraksh and kalpa vreksh at the Ganga Action Parivar camp before Imam Sahib departed. They joined hands symbolizing the union or sangam of the religions to work together for peace, unity and for protection and preservation of the natural environment, particularly the waters of Mother Ganga....

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Jan 24 2013

Ganga Sansad

The Ganga Sansad (Ganga Parliament), which ran from the 21st to the 23rd, gathered in the evening at the Ganga Action Parivar camp in the Kumbh Mela, Allahabad. Participants in the Sansad included Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji, retired General Shri V.K. Singhji, Jal Purush ("Water Man") Shri Rajendra Singh, Pujya Swami Harichetanandji, and Shri D.N.S. Subbaraoji among other esteemed guests....

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Jan 19 2013

Clean Sangam Program

Here is the Star News coverage of the Clean Sangam campaign so far at the Kumbha Mela. on Makar Sankranti day, Ganga Action Parivar --with so many pilgrims and devotees from all over the world -- cleaned the trash on the banks of Mother Ganga. Then, we went back the next day with the boatmen to pack it all into sacks and bring it to shore to be properly disposed of....

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Nov 13 2012

Diwali Blessings

In celebration of this joyous Diwali occasion, one can see beautifully lit oil lamps and candles glowing in the darkness of night throughout India and wherever Indians have settled in the world. We line our homes, our rooms, our offices and our streets with brightly shining diyas. However, on this day we must not only light beautiful lamps in our homes and offices, but we must light the lamp in our hearts. The Divine Light Within Within each of us shines the Divine Light. The Divine Presence is not only everywhere outside of...

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Oct 08 2012

The Essence of Spirituality: Service

Spirituality is the essence of life. It is the light that shines on our lives, illuminating our paths, bringing light to the darkness, joy to the sorrow, and meaning to the incomprehensible. And the essence of spirituality? The essence of spirituality is service. As one goes deeper and deeper on a spiritual path and as one gets closer and closer to Realization and Enlightenment, one realizes that the Divine resides in all. One begins to see God’s presence in every person, every animal, and every plant. The first line in the...

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