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Visit the Divine Shakti Foundation website Pujya Swamiji is the Founder and Chairman of the Divine Shakti Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to using the energy, strength and capability of women to help bring the light of life, hope, education and holistic assistance to the abandoned, orphaned babies and young girls, as well as widowed and impoverished women. He is deeply committed to the protection of women, girls and Mother Earth, as the future of India will only thrive if these grow and thrive. We must all spread the message that women and girls are divine and worthy of worship.

Our programs include free schools for children, women’s vocational training programs, women’s empowerment programs and international events bringing women (and men) together to discover and nurture their oneness with the Divine Feminine.

Schools, vocational training and empowerment programs: poverty, illiteracy and lack of training are tragically common in India. With increasing population, basic education and marketable skills have become absolute necessities in order to subsist in even the smallest communities.  Hence, those who lack this education and training go to sleep hungry each night.

Do Divine! Be Divine! It is not enough to just BE divine, one must also DO divine!

DSF is dedicated to providing them with the best chance possible to live a life free from destitution. The Divine Shakti Foundation’s programs encompass children’s schools for both girls and boys as well as computer centers where they learn practice and theory, as well as specialized vocational training and empowerment centers.

DSF’s Work

Vocational Training
Girls' Orphanage
Disaster Relief
Empowering Women
Animal Seva



Divine Shakti Foundation is dedicated to bringing holistic care to women, children, and Mother Earth, regardless of race, religion, caste, gender or class.


Join Us

Learn moreHelp bring holistic care to women, children, and Mother Earth!  There are many ways you can help, including volunteering and reaching out.